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Color Proofing for Multiple Media is a Rising Challenge

According to TWGA report

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Although color-proofing in general is becoming less of a problem for creative firms, what is the most effective and efficient way to proof content developed for multiple media simultaneously? According to the latest numbers from TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA), cross-media publishers are becoming increasingly aware of this issue. The latest data shows that 40% of cross-media publishers feel challenged by color proofing--up from 37% six months earlier.

In a February 2003 report entitled Proofing: The Customer is Always Right, TWGA analysts assert that because this already relatively high number is on the rise, a void is waiting to be filled. They write, "The trouble is, no one has yet figured out--to anyone's satisfaction--how to fill it." (TrendWatch Graphic Arts: www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com)

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