Color Reflections: Custom Fabrication Masters

"Firms sell their clients on crazy ideas and come to us to ask: ‘How the heck can we build this?’ And, we make it happen.”

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Established in Las Vegas in August of 1995, Color Reflections began as a full-service photo lab. After purchasing a Durst Lambda in 1997, Color Reflections entered the digital age and never looked back. “From that point on, everything was based in digital. Today, we’re a 100-percent digital shop,” says Joe Casellano, Color Reflections’ president. The company now occupies a 25,000-sqaure foot facility, employs 55, and runs two shifts, operating nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Our niche is custom fabrication. Firms sell their clients on crazy ideas and come to us to ask: ‘How the heck can we build this?’ And, we make it happen,” says Castellano. “We do anything from museum graphics to themed entertainment, to custom frames and fabric walls.”

Color Reflections doesn’t just output graphics, it fabricates an experience, says Castellano. Recently, the shop took on the quirky task of creating a photo booth set for an Ultimate Fighting Championship event.

“The booth allowed participants to actually get in the ring with a UFC fighter, get their picture taken, and post the image to Facebook. The shop printed an image of a UFC fighter directly onto MDF wood, output a 10 x 12 foot graphic of an audience, and built an actual cage with a ring and an announcer. “It was a full blown UFC fight arena,” says Catellano.

As you might expect because of its Vegas locale, many of the shop’s customers are in the gaming industry. “The gaming industry moves so quickly that everyone needs everything yesterday,” says Castellano. So, speed and efficiency are the shop’s most valuable assets. Other clients include trade shows, retail, and, most recently, museums (see the shop’s work for the Mob Museum in the April 2012 issue, page 8).

Color Reflections also deals with many local resorts, including MGM Resorts International. To create awareness of MGM’s interior mall at Crystals at CityCenter, the client opted for a supersized solution. “The issue at hand was how to drive more customers into Crystals’ shopping, dining, and entertainment mall. After much discussion, we decided the best, quickest way to attract the strip’s patrons was to produce a larger-than-normal billboard on the face of the Harmon Tower,” says Shannon Dillinger, senior account executive at Color Reflections.

SKG Advertising designed the graphic using Adobe Illustrator; Color Reflections provided the client with a PDF proof for layout approval along with a full-size test strip for color and clarity. Because the Harmon Tower was to be demolished in the near future (due to the risk of instability during an earthquake), MGM requested a permanent installation. So, the shop went with 30,620 square-feet of Flexcon’s FlexMark Permanent Billboard output on its HP Designjet Latex printer. With a GBC 2064WF-1 laminator, Flexcon luster laminate was added.

Four installers took five days to complete the installation of the building wrap. “Installing within the constricted timeframe in the months of December was a challenge because of Vegas’ high winds and heavy rain,” says Dillinger.

Pending the building’s demolition, the graphics should be displayed during the 2012 SGIA Expo time frame for your viewing pleasure at CityCenter’s Harmon Tower.


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