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Colortrac Debuts New SmartLF Gx 42 Wide-Format Scanner

For images requiring wide color gamut and high dynamic range.

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Colortrac has announced the newest addition to its line of scanners, the SmartLF Gx 42. Designed for images that require a wide color gamut and high dynamic range??"??"?such as graphic art and photographs??"??"?the 42-in. CCD-based scanner comes in monochrome, color, and Express Color (read ??"????faster??"??"?) models; in addition, the scanner is available with thin or thick media-handling.

The SmartLF Gx 42 offers up to 9600-dpi resolution and 48-bit color data. Capable of scanning media from 6- to 48-in. wide (42-in. maximum image width), the scanner can handle media up to 0.02-in. thick in its Gx version, and up to 0.8-in. thick in its GxT version. Its Active Paper Transport system comprises a driven hold-down roller to ensure consistent glass contact and reliable throughput of all types of media. Scan speeds range from 0.75-in./sec to 3 in./sec.

MSRP: $11,495-$14,895, depending up on model and media handling; the scanner can be upgraded in the field from standard color to Express Color. Colortrac reports that it will introduce 25- and 54-in. versions in the next 6 months. Exclusive US distribution by GEI WideFormat Solutions (www.geiwideformat.com).


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