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ColorValet Service from Pantone

Gain control across various outputs.

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Pantone has introduced its new ColorValet profiling service to the North American market. Developed in partnership with custom-profile provider CHROMiX (chromix.com), the service is a way for print shops, designers, and photographers to gain greater color control across a variety of outputs.

Users download the ColorValet Client application, follow basic instructions to print the profiling target, and send the target to Chromix by mail or courier. Chromix then creates a profile and the ColorValet Client automatically downloads and installs it in the correct location on the user’s computer, making it ready for use in every application, printer driver, and RIP that supports profiles. Users’ profiles are also stored in their private area on Chromix servers and are available for download at any time.

Price: $99 per profile for digital color output devices (small- and large-format inkjets, dye-sub printers, laser printers, non-digital proofing systems); custom profiles for printing presses are $299.


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