ColorViewer Softproofing System from Caldera

Includes software, spectrophotometer, and more.

Big Picture

Caldera’s ColorViewer softproofing platform, created in partnership with Caddon, includes a viewing station with monitor, color proofing software, an i1Pro spectrophotometer, and a computer. The goal of the Fogra-certified platform is for users to identify and correct color errors at the prepress stage: Operators send the digital file to the RIP, which creates a TIFF file that simulates the printed output. The operator then takes this file into the ColorViewer station, which considers relevant viewing factors such as the monitor’s light, standardized lighting within the box, ambient light, and the viewing angle of the operator. (Lighting options include D50, D65, and 3200K with or without UV, as well as custom settings.) The platform can also be used to verify a hard proof against the same criteria.

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