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ColorVision Spyder2 Plus Introduced

To ensure on-screen and final-output color accuracy

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Datacolor has introduced its ColorVision Spyder2 Plus, a complete digital package for on-screen and final-output color accuracy. Termed a "digital darkroom in a box," the Spyder2 Plus package includes:

"? The new ColorVision Spyder2 calibrator for CRT, LCD, and laptop displays, complete with Spyder2 color monitor-calibration software.

"? ColorVision ProfilerPlus, a printer utility plug-in that employs an existing scanner (300 dpi flatbed minimum) to profile the printer, especially useful when dealing with third-party media or inksets. For an additional fee, users can also upgrade to the more-advanced ColorVision PrintFix or SpectroPro2 profiling products.

"? Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 software, an all-in-one solution for digital photography.

"? Pantone's colorist, which gives users easy access to Pantone Matching System colors.

Suggested retail price: $269. (ColorVision: www.colorvision.com)

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