Compadre from AGL

Cold laminator with musical addition.

Big Picture

AGL has premiered the Compadre, a 61-in. heat-assisted cold laminator that comes with a multi-media twist: It offers optional built-in video training and music.

With top-headed rollers, the Compadre can hit top speeds of 15 ft/min. It features a rotary dial with pre-set gap adjustments from 1/16 to 1 in., auto-grip core chucks for tool-free material changeovers, and pneumatic controls to raise and lower the roller nips. Applications include lamination of solvent prints onto pressure-sensitive vinyl, mount paper prints, coat boards with adhesive, pre-mask graphics, create paper decals for mounting, and overlaminate banners.

With the optional Zune upgrade, users can view how-to videos on the machine itself, and also add some music to liven up the workplace. The on-machine how-to-video option allows untrained employees to queue up step-by-step instructions to operate the machine. The machine also connects to the AGL website to download updates, as well as new techniques and instructions.

Complete with a foot-control switch, the Compadre offers a new film-tension limiting brake to avoid film distortion and necking, a swing-up feed table, and a self-checking electronic control panel. In addition, it features high-release silicone rollers, two unwind supply shafts, one product windup shaft, and one release liner wind-up.