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Graphic Innovations creates graphics for fitness center.

Big Picture

The Client Perfectly Fit

The Players Graphic Innovations (, Catalyst Inc. (

Tools & Supplies Seiko Instruments ColorPainter W-64S; Flexcon SeeThru-Sign perf window film, WallDeco fabric film, and BusArt overlam, Seal 600 MD laminator

The Job In addition to a challenging economic climate, Perfectly Fit, a Rhode Island private fitness center, faced stiff competition from workout facilities that were better-known, well-funded, and offered lower fees. Adding to its stress: The fitness center’s storefront location was considered less than ideal by patrons who typically sought workout privacy – many members complained about feeling “a fish-bowl effect” because they were surrounded by windows.

Perfectly Fit teamed up with b-to-b marketer Catalyst and Rhode Island’s own Graphic Innovations to develop a plan to not only distinguish the facility from its larger competitors, but to design graphics to address its members’ primary concerns: the aforementioned lack of privacy, as well as an uninspiring atmosphere, plus discomfort from sunlight coming through the windows.

Production “Perfectly Fit members all reported that the purpose of a gym is to meet goals,” says Brian Odell, Catalyst president. So, Catalyst reflected the members’ objectives by creating images of swimming, marathon running, hiking, and other athletic activities for the interior walls and images of fitness-facility activities affixed to the windows. The interior graphics carried single-word inspirational messages – “be,” “do,” “push,” “live,” etc.

Once the files had been delivered to Graphic Innovations, the shop added bleeds, adjusted for size, and completed in-house color testing to the images.

PDF and hard-copy proofs approved, Graphic Innovations then turned to its Seiko Instruments’ ColorPainter W64-S printer to output onto Flexcon SeeThru-Sign STSWBF2 (60/40 perf) for the window graphics, and onto Flexcon Walldeco 6770 for the graphics that would adorn the interior walls. A Flexcon BusArt OV 5055 overlaminate was added for the window graphics, using the shop’s Seal 600 MD laminator. In all, Graphic Innovations output a total of 18 graphics, ranging in size from 8.25 x 49.75 to 48 x 58.75 inches for the interior walls and windows.

Two installers completed the job in four hours, never having to close down the facility during normal operating hours. And to complement the installed graphics, the Catalyst and Graphic Innovations team painted the walls and created staff shirts to tie into the overall design.

Since the installation of the graphics, Perfectly Fit’s business is up 16 percent and current members’ experience is now reportedly much more positive.

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