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A Comprehensive Color-Management Curriculum

CD course contains everything you want to know about color

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The Association of Graphic Solutions Providers has made its entire Color Management Curriculum available on CD, including both audio and video information. The set hits on six major color-related topics:

  • "Profiting With Color Management"?labor issues, Photoshop setup and workflow, why RGB scanning and retouching
  • "Preparing a Color Management System"?where to install color management in your workflow, qualifying and profiling your devices, tweaking profiles for best performance
  • "Switching from CMYK to RBG Workflows"?success with RGB, working with ICC profiles
  • "Common Problems and Solutions"?sensible implementations, application support, tools
  • "Color Management in the Pressroom"?calibrating and profiling the press, convincing your customers
  • "Color Management in Digital Photography"?profiling your digital camera, ensuring a successful result from your camera

The complete set sells for $714; each CD can also be ordered individually for $140 each. (Association of Graphic Solutions Providers: 800-255-8141, www.ipa.org)

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