Contech's Jumbo Die-Cutting Press Cuts Extra-Large Graphics

In a single cut

Big Picture

Producers of all types of large-format graphics producers are seeking to streamline their operations and differentiate themselves from competitors. One company has done just that by hiring Contech to build a thermal die-cutting press that can cut sheets of graphics up to 4 x 14 ft. The UltraPress can cut large-format images in a single cut, and also perform specialized finishing operations such as emboss/deboss, hot and cold steel-rule thru cut, and steel-rule kiss cut.

Engineering such a massive thermal die-cutting press required some skill, because a typical heat platen could expand 7/8-in. along the x and y axes, causing the press to seize up and destroy itself. Contech's automation-engineering team was up to the task and created a design that would allow for that kind of expansion while maintaining a precision cut.

Contech manufactures a complete line of material processing equipment including sheeters, stackers, die-cutters, and slitters/rewinders. (Contech:

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