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Contex Adds SD Scanner Series

44-in. scanners are designed for use in architecture, engineering, and construction.

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Contex has introduced the SD line of large-format scanners-SD 4430, SD 4450, and SD 4490, as well as the monochrome SD 4410. The 44-in. scanners feature an optical resolution of 1200 dpi and are designed for use in architecture, engineering, construction, geographic information systems as well as in copy and reprographic shops with high-volume document archiving projects. The 48-bit scanners are capable of handling media up to 47-in. wide and 0.04-in. thick.

At 400 dpi and 24-bit color, the three color scanners feature the following speeds: SD 4430, 1 in./sec; SD 4450, 1.5 in./sec; SD 4490, 3 in./sec. The 4450 and 4490, along with the SD 4410, feature a top speed of 10 in./sec in 1-bit monochrome or 8-bit grayscale scanning mode at 400 dpi; top speed for the 4430 in the same scanning modes is 5 in./sec.

The scanners also feature all-wheel-drive feed to ensure a precise grip on documents, face-up scanning, USB 2.0 interface with xDTR (Extended Data Transfer Rate), scan-to-net function for scanner sharing across a network and sending files to remote PCs, and a one-touch interface.


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