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Contex Magnum XL 54 Feeds Images to Ideal's Online PlanRoom

For online viewing, ordering, and sale of large-format graphics

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The Online PlanRoom from Ideal Scanners & Systems was designed primarily to enable all members of a construction project team to have easy access to all the computer-generated drawings and files scanned and archived by reprographic firms. But the customizable nature of the program makes it suitable for the quick scanning and online sale of wide-format color prints. According to Ideal's Jay Maggenheim, when the Online PlanRoom software is used in conjunction with Contex's 54-in. wide Magnum color scanner, it can open up new print-on-demand opportunities for large-format printing service bureaus, sign shops, and P-O-P display producers.

Ideal's Online PlanRoom is a secure hosting center that allows businesses to scan, index, edit, upload, search, retrieve, view, sell, and print all types of large-format graphics. Anyone with a web browser can instantly view and access the stored documents.

The Magnum XL's onboard color correction and 2D-filters for color sharpening and softening provide good results with a wide variety of input images. Color is captured at 42 bits and the scanner can handle media up to 0.6 in. thick. Ideal is a leading distributor of Contex wide-format scanners. (Ideal Scanners & Systems: 800-764-3325, www.ideal.com; Contex: www.contex.com)

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