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Contex Upgrades Cougar and Chameleon Scanners

Wide-format scanners with Tx technology capture 42-bit color

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Contex Scanning Technology introduces two new 36-in. scanners with Tx technology: Cougar Tx and Chameleon Tx.

Tx technology captures 42-bit color instead of the industry standard of 36-bit. In addition, the Tx models have increased optical resolution to more than 400 dpi and increased speed to 3 in/sec. The upgraded scanners also have FireWire connectivity and a SCSI interface, programmable action buttons, accuracy to 0.1%, automated scanner maintenance, and an advanced power management system.

The Cougar Tx color scanner for scan-to-print applications features 14 bit graytone capture, supports media up to 0.6-in. thick, and offers a scan-to-PDF option. The Chameleon Tx color scanner is similar to the Cougar, but has USB connectivity and has a slightly slower scanning speed. (Contex Scanning Technology: www.contex.com)

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