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Cooley EnviroFlex Media

Recyclable media for billboards and banners.

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Cooley Digital Products has introduced its EnviroFlex line of lightweight and recyclable media for billboards, banners, and other digital applications. Engineered for UV-curable and solvent inks, the products are constructed of PE, PP, polyester, and PVC, making them up to 60% lighter than the industry-standard 12-oz substrate.

EnviroFlex also offers responsible disposal options; the products can all be recycled using Cooley's Re-Flex program (see below) or re-used (into tarps, roofing liners, etc.), depending on its composition. The EnviroFlex line includes:

* The 7-oz EnviroFlex Lite is a PVC and polyester substrate that can be recycled or re-used; recommended for bulletins and banners, it's available in rolls up to 196-in. wide.

* The EnviroFlex Lite Hi-Res, a 5-oz PVC/polyester comes in widths up to 196 in., can be used for bulletins and banners, and is recommended for re-use only.

* EnviroFlex Polyflex Lite is a 5.5-oz substrate with a PE and polyester construction for bulletin and banner applicaitons, which can be re-used or recycled.

* The 3.8-oz EnviroFlex Polyposter is a 10 x 10 woven PE for use as banners and 30-sheet poster, and is available in widths up to 150 in.

* The non-woven EnviroFlex Polyposter Hi-Res is a recyclable 4-oz PE/PP media that offers a 90-day outdoor durability, can be used for banners and 30-sheet posters, and is available in 126-in. rolls.

Cooley also offers customers an opportunity to recycle printed billboards and other Cooley-printed applications. The company's Re-Flex recycling program allows clients to ship used Cooley products to the closest fibrous waste recycler. The recycler chops up the billboard and separates the PVC from the polyester via a technique used by the carpet industry to recycle carpet tiles. The recovered polyester is used as filler for synthetic decking or plastic shingles; the recycled PVC is used by Cooley to make its Single Ply Roofing, a commercial roofing product.


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