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Corel Releases Corel Painter X

New RealBristle Painting System is designed to heighten the responsiveness of artist's brush.

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Corel has announced the release of Corel Painter X, the new version of company’s painting and illustration software. This latest version offers the RealBristle Painting System, which heightens the responsiveness of the brush for the artist, reports Corel.

Painter X also features new composition tools, including the Divine Proportion tool, which provides guidelines for artists to compose images, and the Layout Grid composition tool, which provides guidelines for following photography’s Rule of Thirds (but can be customized to other desired grid patterns).

In addition, Corel Painter X offers: a Workspace Manager for backing up, sharing, or switching between customized workspaces; a new Color-Management system; and enhanced Adobe Photoshop and Wacom support. The software offers support for Universal Binary for Macintosh as well as for Windows Vista.

Price: $429, full version; $229 for upgrade version. A Limited Edition Painter Can version-featuring the art of Philip Straub on the packaging as well as a "Learning Corel Painter X with Jeremy Sutton" DVD-ROM, a collector’s-edition Corel Painter X poster, and a hand-held composition guide-is available for $499.


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