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CorelDraw X4 Unveiled

New suite of image editing, capture, tracing, and training tools.

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Corel has released CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4, featuring an array of new or enhanced features. In addition to CorelDraw X4, the suite includes Corel Photo-Paint X4 image-editing software, Corel PowerTrace X4 for tracing bitmaps, Corel Capture, and various training tools.

The new features include:

* Live text formatting, allowing users to preview text-formatting options prior to applying them.

* Font identification, created in conjunction with WhatTheFont, identifies fonts used in existing designs, artwork, or other files.

* User-controlled and independent page layers, allowing for layer editing and reducing the occurrence of pages with empty layers.
* An interactive table tool, allowing users to create and import tables with text and graphics.

* CorelDraw ConceptShare integrates an online collaboration tool into the user workflow, allowing users to share designs and ideas in real time.

* Professionally designed templates and customizable templates offer a starting point for the design process.

* Font options are expanded with [how many] new specialized fonts.

* A 'straighten-image' option analyzes and easily corrects photos that were taken or scanned off-kilter.

In addition, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 offers: enhanced integration with Windows Vista; a new welcome screen that provides quick access to recently used documents; support of raw file formats for more than 300 camera types; an enhanced tone curve adjustments feature for greater adjustment precision; a new Eyedropper tool.

Price: $429 ($199 for the upgrade).


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