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Cosmetic Plug-Ins from Image Trends

Two new Adobe-compatible filters available.

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Image Trends has introduced the first two products in its line of cosmetic plug-ins, PearlyWhites and ShineOff Plug-Ins. The Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filters automatically whiten and brighten teeth and remove shine from the face and skin in digital images, respectively.

In looking for white surrounded by flesh tones, PearlyWhites may also whiten the sclera of the eye or jewelry in the image. Additionally, while ShineOff eliminates the overly reflective effect of the flash from a camera, it does not remove luster or shine from lips, teeth, or eyes.

The plug-ins can be run on individual images or combined with other Image Trends plug-ins in a Photoshop Action and applied to a set of images in batch mode. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, NT, and 2000.

Price: $49.95 for each.