Could This Be the World's Largest Dancing Beer?

Clear Channel and Labatt use dimension and motion to stand out

Big Picture

To lift the spirits of Toronto's beer drinkers, Labatt Blue designed and created this 30-ft. tall beer can. Like many of the people who actually consume Labatt Blue, the beer can sways from side to side when exposed to a rock-music CD created by local radio station.

The supersized brewski is perched on a platform attached to the Atrium Media Tower in Toronto's Times-Square equivalent--Dundas Square. If the 8-ton replica of Labatt's bright-blue can were actually filled with the company's product, it would hold the equivalent to 437,5000 12-oz. cans of beer.

"We're constantly looking for innovative ways to make our beer drinkers smile," says Harvey Carroll, senior marketing manager for Labatt Blue. "With the dancing beer can, our goal is to create an entertaining medium that captures people's attention in Dundas Square that fits into the local environment,"

The project was completed in cooperation with Clear Channel Outdoor, which managed production and worked with the City of Toronto to facilitate permits. Look for more innovations in out-of-home advertising in the Sept/Oct issue of The Big Picture. (Clear Channel Communications:

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