Creating the World’s Largest Movie Poster

Macro Art sets a new record with graphic for ‘Boss’ film.

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Macro Art in Cambridgeshire, England, has broken its own record for producing the world’s largest movie poster – measuring 3234.31 square meters (more than 34,813 square feet).

The poster – promoting the film, Boss – was output on the company’s 5-meter EFI Vutek GS5000 UV printer in 5 x 18-meter sections over one weekend onto PVC mesh. The printing took 30 hours in all. It was completed a week later by the shop’s specialist finishers, welding the 36 panels together on its Fiab high-frequency welding table.

More than 40 staff were required to help fold and lift the poster onto a specially made pallet, and it was then transported two miles to the local airfield –“this was the perfect location to display and verify the size of the print,” says Macro Art’s Adam McMonagle.

Approximately 250 ground pegs were used to hold the print to the ground. An official adjudicator from Guinness World Records was as well as an independent surveyor were on site to officially measure and announce that the poster was indeed a world record. “Weather conditions were perfect and we were able to capture the whole process via remote-controlled aerial photography,” says McMonagle.

"To achieve this Guinness World Records record title for the Largest Poster, there are some guidelines that needed to be followed,” says Kirsty Bennett with Guinness World Records (UK). “The poster had to advertise a product, person, or event; it also had to be one single piece and it had to be measured by a professional surveyor. Marco Art had already made it into the Guinness World Records record book after being awarded this title in 2010 for the Largest Poster. Today, they have broken this title by a large margin – more than 500 square meters larger than the poster which previously held this record."


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