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'Creative Forecast 2007' Released by The Industry Measure

Firms look ahead better business in the next 12 months.

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According to the 2007 "Creative Forecast" report from New York-based consultancy The Industry Measure, 36% of ad agencies and 30% of Web design and development firms expect business conditions in the next 12 months to be "excellent, better than they had been in the past 12 months."

The 168-page report, titled "Creative Forecast 2007: The Industry Measure Perspective on the Challenges and Opportunities for the Graphic Design and Production Industry in the Next 12 Months and Beyond," provides a look at the year ahead for graphic designers and ad agencies working in print, Web, and other media.

Among the report's findings:

* 66% of all design and production establishments surveyed cited "collateral print projects" as a sales opportunity.

* 11% of Web design and development firms cited "getting more print media work" as a sales opportunity.

* 69% of graphic designers said they buy digital printing on behalf of their clients.

* The top three planned investment categories for Internet creatives were workstations, flat-panel LCD monitors, and color printers.

The report takes an in-depth look at survey results on topics including multichannel marketing and "cross-media" development, digital and variable-data printing, online/remote proofing, and more. The report also presents The Industry Measure's latest investment projections for more than 100 equipment, hardware, and software categories.


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