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Creo Adds to EverSmart Scanner Family

EverSmart Supreme II and EverSmart Select II

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Creo has introduced two new scanners for photography and graphics professionals: the EverSmart Supreme II and EverSmart Select II. The scanners are designed to deliver increased productivity and quality in combination with an advanced archiving workflow. The Supreme II and Select II were made to meet the needs of image-intensive graphic businesses, where maximum speed and excellent image quality are essential. The Supreme II and Select II replace the existing EverSmart Supreme and Select models.

The new scanners each feature a trilinear 8000 element CCD, a color depth of 48 bits (16 bits per color), a scanning area of 12 x 17 in., and are able to handle a variety of transparent and reflective originals. The Select II scans at 100 scans/hr (a 15% increase over the previous version), while the Supreme II can scan at up to 120 scans/hr (a 25% improvement). In addition, both come with oXYgen scanning software, offering SOOM (scan once, output many) workflow"?capturing true 16-bit DT (digital transparency) files, and storing them for quick re-use and repurposing without rescanning.

Both scanners have a maximum optical resolution of 5600 dpi and can pro-duce a 2-GB file. The Select II has a maximum interpolated resolution of 11,400 dpi, while the Supreme II has a maximum interpolated resolution of 14,000 dpi.

The Supreme II also features XY Stitch, CCD Dynamic Cooling, and MaxDR, which provide high quality with maximum detail everywhere on the scanner bed and from any original size. (Creo, www..creo.com)

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