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Creo Introduces Entry-Level Variable-Data Software

Creates jobs with common desktop applications

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Creo's VI Toolbox is a Windows-based software solution that enables users to create entry-level variable-information jobs with Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMaker, and other common desktop applications. The software streamlines the creation of direct mail, letters, and customized collateral, allowing for the creation of color variable- information jobs, an unlimited number of records, and the ability to soft proof personalized documents. It can also be integrated into the Creo Spire color server workflow. Included Toolbox tools are: VI Merge, VI View, and Optimized Mail Merge.

VI Merge creates variable-information documents by combining a master document, (designed with any desktop publishing application), with a variable information file to produce a single Variable Print Specification file. VI Merge accelerates and enhances throughput by supporting multiple page masters and variable-information elements. It processes jobs at the rate of the printer and allows for the creation of a PDF proof from the Variable Print Specification file.

VI View transforms Variable Print Specification files into PDF files for viewing, proofing, distributing, and archiving as low-resolution files.

Optimized Mail Merge is an add-on to Microsoft Word Mail Merge, enabling Mail Merge users to create color variable-information jobs in a one-pass workflow with an unlimited number of variable-information records that are small in file size. It creates Creo Variable Print Specification output files and Optimized PostScript, which reduce job-creation time, network traffic, and RIP'ing time. (Creo: www.creo.com)

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