Creo Introduces Leaf Valeo Back for Contax 645AF

To provide fast medium-format digital system

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Creo is currently shipping a new model of the Leaf? Valeo portable digital camera back for the Contax 645 AF. The new Valeo camera backs take advantage of internal electronic contacts within the Contax 645 AF to speed communications between the camera and the camera back and give professional photographers a fast digital medium-format system without external cables.

The 6-megapixel Leaf Valeo 6 model for portrait and wedding photography captures an image in 7/10 of a second. It can store over 350 images in 16-bit raw data files. The somewhat slower 11-megapixel Leaf Valeo 11 for commercial and advertising photography stores over 200 images in uncompressed 16-bit raw data files.

For portability, both models utilize the Leaf DP-67 detachable image display system, which provides digital proofs using the Compaq iPAQ pocket PC.

Leaf introduced the world's first digital camera back, the Leaf DCB in 1992. The term "Valeo" was chosen for its newest product series because Valeo is a Latin term for power, strength and efficiency. (Creo:

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