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Creo Optimizes Microsoft Mail Merge for VDP

Improves color VDP performance

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Creo has released Optimized Mail Merge, a Microsoft Word add-in that enhances the software's workflow. While Microsoft Mail Merge is designed for black-and-white, small-scale jobs to be printed on desktop printers, Optimized Mail Merge enables the quick customization of letters, brochures, or other large-scale, color-rich variable-data projects.

While Optimized Mail Merge retains Mail Merge features such as multilingual support, automatic bar coding, preflight options, and database compatibility, it improves other aspects of the software's performance. With Optimized Mail Merge, users can choose from a variety of printers, and enabling print companies to streamline their VDP print production. The result, says Creo, is a reduction in job-creation time, network traffic, and RIP time; in addition, users can create an unlimited number of records with small file sizes.

Price: $250. (Creo: www.creo.com)

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