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Creo's iQsmart1 Scanner at an Affordable Price

12 x 18-in. flatbed features FireWire connectivity

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Creo's iQsmart1 scanner offers creative professionals an affordable entry point for high-res scanning. The 12 x 18-in. flatbed scanner has a trilinear 10,200 element with XY scanning technology and an inverted CCD. It can scan positive and negative transparencies, reflective, framed slides, line art, and printed materials.

The iQsmart1 scans up to ninety-six 35mm slides in one job and up to 50 scans/hr. It offers a maximum resolution of 7500 dpi in 16-bit RGB. In addition, it offers scaling up to 2500%, outputs several types of file formats (including JPEG, EPSF, DCS 2, and CCITT), and features FireWire connectivity.

The iQsmart1 comes standard with Creo's oXYgen RGB scanning application for Mac or an LE Windows version. Features include full ICC color management, a SmartSet function, automatic image analysis, and image-editing and proofing tools. The RGB Mac version also includes a Group Scan Mode as well as Rotation, Rescan, Direct Scan, and other modes. CMYK is optional in each.

Other options include an oil-mounting station for cracked or scratched originals (also good for those images enlarged by 800% or more), CMYK editing and scanning functionality, and parallel workflow for optimizing an image while scanning another (Mac only). Price: $8500. (Creo: www.creo.com)

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