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Creo's Veris Proofer is SWOP-Certified

Creo Certified stamp ensures parameters met

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Creo's Veris proofer has received SWOP certification. The printer creates contone proofs up to 1500 dpi using Creo's Multi-Drop Array 3-picoliter-droplet inkjet technology. When printing a proof, the Veris checks for printer calibration, correct ink and media, and the correct ICC profile. If all conditions are met, the Creo Certified Process stamp is printed on the proof along with a summary of all critical proofing parameters, for visible confirmation of proof quality.

"The SWOP certification assures our customers that their Veris proofer meets the established industry standards for web offset printing," says Brad Palmer, Creo's corporate vice president, inkjet proofing

The Veris proofer is integrated with Networked Graphic Production, the Creo initiative that helps streamline the print-production cycle. Veris proofers are optimized for Creo's Pinergy or Brisque workflows. (Creo: www.creo.com)

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