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Croma DigiPress Premiers

New solvent-based four-color printer.

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Cromajet Digital Printing, based in France, announced its first wide-format inkjet printer-the Croma DigiPress-at this year's FESPA event. The solvent-based roll-to-sheet printer is a 4-color machine that accommodates media up to 65-in. wide.

Capable of imaging onto various flexible media including vinyl, paper, banner, self-adhesive, and PVC, the printer produces posters up to 63 x 94 in., which can be used for bus shelter-format posters or billboard production.

The printer is equipped with 64 Spectra printheads (with 8192 nozzles) and utilizes a special Cromadigipress solvent ink for flexible materials. Dried by the on-board hot-air drying system (and optional IR system), the ink offers 2-yr outdoor durability.

In Production mode (single-pass, 200 dpi), the Croma DigiPress produces up to 120 posters (63 x 94 in.) posters/hr or 3767 sq ft/hr; Normal mode (400 dpi) prints up to 60 posters/hr or 1938 sq ft/hr; and HQ mode (600 dpi) can image up to 30 posters/hr or 1076 sq ft/hr.

Other features of the machine include:

* Automatic XY cutting system,

* Jumbo roll feeding,

* Stacking system, and

* Caldera GrandRIP+.

Price: approximately $765,000; the Croma DigiPress begins shipping in September. The company does not yet have a US distributor.