The Cure for Media Madness

Nearly 150 sources of vinyl, paper, films, and self-adhesives.

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Today, just about anything can be printed upon. But, as cool as printing on “media” like water might be, doing so doesn’t necessarily result in the most useful marketing medium. Despite the rapid advancements in technology, the classic rollfed media options still tend to be king. And to be a truly successful print shop, you had better have quite the inventory of such media to back up your array of print equipment.

Recognizing the importance of offering a vast selection of media, however, is only half the battle. It’s also important to understand what media is best suited to your client’s needs. Even the simplest request to print a banner on vinyl can turn into a complex odyssey to find the best vinyl for that particular project. With hundreds of suppliers offering thousands of options, choosing media can be a seemingly maddening process.

To help you conquer “media madness,” we’ve compiled a roster of manufacturers and private-label distributors of the most commonly used media in wide-format: rollfed vinyl, paper, films, and self-adhesives. Note that we’ve only listed primary producers, manufacturers, and converters of media for the wide-format inkjet market; we have not listed distributors/dealers who are only selling another company’s branded media. And, this list does not include specialty media (see October issue) or rigid media (see August issue).

Advantage Distribution
Advantage branded vinyl, eco-friendly banner media, and paper.

Advantage Sign Supply
Optima Opti-Jet vinyl, paper, and banner media for aqueous; Opti-Solve for solvent printers.

AdventureCam Photo
Proof Line paper, vinyl, and films, including self-adhesives and banner media.

Synaps OM waterproof, eco-friendly synthetic paper for UV printing (as well as screen, flexo, and offset). Also: Synaps AP/AR pressure-sensitive self-adhesive media for UV printing.

Chantaffiche coated papers for banners and billboards.

Alameda Supplies
Alameda wide-format inkjet paper, banner, and film.

American Permalight
Permalight Photoluminescent vinyl and polyester printable films.

Arkwright Advanced Coating
Paper, film, and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, latex, and UV-curable printers.

Cast films, calendered films, window films, and banner material. Its DPF 45WF is a one-way-vision, digital-print pressure-sensitive calendered film; the 6-mil white, perforated, black-back film offers a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Aslan Schwarz
PVC, films, and self-adhesives for aqueous, solvent/mild-solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks.

Avery Graphics
Digital media includes its Supercast, Supreme Wrapping Film, High Performance Calendered, Intermediate Calendered, Promo Calendered, Specialty Films, and Eco Friendly Films; Street Graphics film. Its new SF100-843-S Conform Chrome accent film provides a shiny, mirror-like finish for applications like gas caps, side-view mirrors, stripes, and door handles; the 5.8-mil Conform Chrome features Avery’s Easy Apply RS technology and is UV-, temperature-, humidity-, and salt-spray resistant.

Axon Graphix
PerfectProof and PerfectProduction paper and film for aqueous printers.

Bandanna Banner
Bandanna Extreme Digital vinyl for solvent printers.

Bayer Films Americas
Makrofol polycarbonate and Baycol polycarbonate-blend films.

BF Inkjet Media
SignMaster vinyl and CapStone and TruPalette Artweave papers; MuralMaster textured synthetic for banners and more.

Big Systems
ValuJet, BigJet, and WetJet media for aqueous printers, and BigSol solvent/mild-solvent, latex, and UV media.

Bruin Plastics
Screen Tex, DPC (double-polished vinyl film), and VCM (vinyl-coated mesh).

CalComp Graphic Solutions
Artisan line includes backlit film, PSA, window cling, fabric banner, and vinyl for aqueous and solvent printers.

Canon USA
Canon wide-format media, including film, paper, banner, and vinyl. New are single-sided Metallic, double-sided Glossy, and a single-sided Luster paper for its DreamLabo 5000 printer.

Catalina Graphic Films
Mojave digital media for windows, vehicles, floors, and more.

Clear Focus Imaging
One-way vision films include DecoVue, PVSee, ClassicVue, ImageVue, SuperVue, ReflectVue, PosterVue (solvent, UV-curable); and JetVue and ImageJetVue (aqueous).

CG Screenfilm for aqueous and solvent, and CG Isoproof 200 paper.

Contra Vision
XR, ORS, Backlite, Stripes, and Performance Perforated one-way viewable film for solvent, latex, or UV-curable printing.

Blox-Lite, Green OP, GreenLight Plus! and EnviroScape Mural Plus! sustainable media.

Cooley Group
CoolFlex frontlit and backlit, CoolMesh, and Enviroflex environmentally friendly media.

Creative Banner Assemblies
Titan banner media and recycled banner media for aqueous, UV-curable, and solvent printers.

Custom Extrusion Technologies
Claritex polycarbonate film for solvent inks; Claricap acrylic cap film for UV printing.

DaVinci Technologies
DaVinci polystyrene opaque and translucent banner media, backlit media, and paper, for aqueous, latex, solvent, and UV systems. Its

Magellan Bead aqueous vinyl and banner media; solvent media; coated/uncoated papers.

Digital Art Supplies
DAS adhesive-back vinyl, backlit, banner media, and poster paper.

Digital Media Warehouse
Rhinojet vinyl, self adhesives, paper, and banner materials.

Spotlight Backlight, Scrim Vinyl, Jet Maxx and Genesis Jet papers, Clear and White Cling, and other wide-format media.

Dreamscape glassTex window film, Bling metallic media, Terralon PVC-free wall covering, and more. New are Silver Flash and Gold Flash highly reflective silver- and gold-chromed inkjet media; the products are Type I commercial digital wallcoverings with Class “A” fire ratings.

Bannerfab, Eclipse film, ProPrint VersaJet floor graphic media, WindowFX, EarthSmart Premium Bond, Panda Print bamboo fiber, Tri-Print self-adhesive, Polypropylene, more. Its MHL High Gloss Silver is a thermal, metallic-base 1.5-mil film that can mimic the look of metallic inks or foil stamping when white inks are partially or totally knocked out.

Tyvek, Tyvek Vivia, Brillion, Metallized, Teldar, and Mylar.

Vinyl, banners, films, and papers for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and water-based inkjets.

Epson signage media for advertising, banner, and P-O-P applications; paper and film for aqueous printers. New media for its SureColor S-Series and Stylus Pro GS6000: Epson GS DisplayTrans Backlight Film, a high-resolution backlight media designed for professional solvent backlight displays or daylight signage graphic applications.

FDC Graphic Films
Cast or calendered sign vinyl, perforated, and reflective films, banner, front and backlit media for solvent, eco-solvent, and UV-curable inkjets.

Product lines for aqueous, UV, latex, and solvent printers.

FlexMark, FlexMark Floor Art, CounterDeco, BusMark, BusArt, RailMark, LiteCal, SeeThru-Sign, WindowDeco, and more. New WindowDeco additions include Super Clear 6525, a polyester film for UV printing, removable for promotional or architectural use.;

Fujicopian USA
FixFilm-IJ static-cling film for aqueous inkjets.

Gavrieli Plastics
Gavrieli paper, banner material, vinyls, and film for wide-format printers.

SurePrint and SurePrint Direct vinyl media for solvent and eco-solvents.

General Formulations
Concept pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated films, Traffic Graffic, Comp-U-Cut films, static cling vinyls, polyester barrier films, Ultra Tack, TransMark, WallMark, MotoMark, MetroMark, and SubMark.

GMI Mojave media for UV, latex, solvent, and mild-solvent inks, including banner, vinyl, paper, film, floor, backlit, carpet, and window media.

InCycle Sheet Expanded PET manufactured from recycled water bottles for UV and offset printing.

Graphics One
GO Premier and Go EcoMax media, including paper, film, more.

Gregory Trendfilm vinyl media.

BriteLine Duration films.

Harman Inkjet
OpalJet Display Media for aqueous; CrystalJet and CrystalJet Elite photography inkjet media.

Hawk Mountain Paper
Merlin, Sparrowhawk, Sharpwing, Kestrel, Red Tail infused cotton, and Condor papers for aqueous printers.

Bantex digital banner media.

HP paper, film, backlit, banner, self-adhesive media, and more.

Hexis USA
Vinyl, PVC film, banner, backlit, Naturally range of green media, window media, more. Its new HX30000 comprises a multilayered cast vinyl film and release liner with Hex’Press adhesive, available in Carbon, Alligator, and Sequin textured surfaces, plus clear.

Hop Industries
Hop-Syn synthetic papers for UV inkjet, offset, screen, and flexo printing.

IJ Technologies
DuraGraphix water-resistant media, UltraGraphix presentation papers and films, SolGraphix solvent. Premier Edition, Imago and Black Diamond adhesive-backed fine-art media.

BioMedia biodegradable display films and OmniJet of wide-format media including the Photo Realistic line of recyclable media.

Infiniti Digital
Orasign vinyl, paper, banner, and film.

InkJet Set
InkJet Set pressure-sensitive vinyls, perforated, banner, static-cling, and more.

Inkpress Paper
Inkpress film, backlit, vinyl, and paper, including Inkpress Eco Matte for pigment ink printers.

InkTec USA
Inktec films for pigment and dye inks.

i2i papers for aqueous; MediaStreet papers and fine-art media for pigment and dye inks.

InteliCoat Technologies
A variety of media for aqueous, solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable printers. Media range from paper and banner to self-adhesives and films. Designed for solvent and latex printers, its 7-mil Magic GBL-9 features a satin print surface that allows for maximum ink density, vivid color, and a high image resolution.

iVivid vinyl, backlit, and film for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent. Exclusive distributor: Brand Management Group (

Japan Pulp and Paper USA
Wide-format glossy, resin, and matte paper and film for aqueous.

Kanzaki Specialty Papers
Paper and film for aqueous printing.

Kapco Graphic Products
Kapcolor banner material, paper, vinyl, and films for water-based inkjet, solvent, latex and UV. Its 140-gram High Resolution Matte Paper offers high-density and vivid colors, fast drying, universal compatibility, and hot and cold laminate receptivity.

Kernow Coatings
Hydrosol, HydroJet, Hydroprint, and Hydroprint UVC media for solvent, eco-solvent, UV-cure, latex, aqueous; Evolon PVC-free banner material.

Kimoto Tech
KimoJet graphic media for aqueous printers.

UV-Curable Display Paper and UV-Curable Display Film, available directly through Kodak. Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet Media (paper, vinyl, banner) for aqueous and UV and Professional Lustre and Gloss Papers for aqueous available exclusively through Brand Management Group (

LexJet and Sunset films, self-adhesive, banner, paper, for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inkjets, more; Valeron Banner Film; Absolute and Aqualight Backlit; Infinium film with built-in laminate; more. Sunset Fibre Rag 100% cotton rag-base photo paper, 335g, features a subtle gloss finish with a textured surface and no optical brighteners.

LG Hausys
Pressure-sensitive calendered & cast vinyl and films for indoor and outdoor applications. Also: biodegradable films, one-way vision films, and more.

Liberty Photo
The Liberty Signature Series media line includes vinyl and paper.

Lintec of America
L-AG and L-AG Mother Green films, Printerior wall media, Wincos and Mistlass optically clean window film, and more.

Opaljet banner media, Opaljet translucent media, Opaljet solvent media, more.

MacDermid Autotype
SigmaGraf films for aqueous and UV-curable printing, and FootPrint floor-graphics systems.

Imagin series of self-adhesive and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable printers. Rebel series of vinyl, polyester, and foil media for solvent and UV screen and digital printers. Also Macmark colored vinyl, more. Macmark 8400 is a 3-mil glossy translucent vinyl for illuminated signs and window décor; cadmium-free, it’s coated with a permanent acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive and features an 83# white kraft liner.

Mehler Texnologies
Valmex Backlit, Frontlit, Truck, Mesh, and Blockout media.

Metamark Digital Media includes vinyl, polyester, banner, backlit, and one-way vision film. Distributed by Splash of Color ( and NuSign ( in the US.

Milano Digital
Milano Digital products include film, paper, banners, cling, and vinyl.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper
Jetscript films and specialty papers.

Mitsubishi Imaging
DiamondJet paper and vinyl; Pictorico media (; DP media for Indigo.

Vinyl and banner media. Also, Ready2Print pre-grommeted and pre-hemmed banner material.

Nazdar Source One
ImageStar paper, vinyl, self-adhesive, and film for aqueous, solvent mild-solvent, latex, and UV-curable printers.

Neo Media America
WP vinyl, textile, and adhesive banner for aqueous; Solink film and vinyl for mild-solvent and solvent printers.

Neschen Americas
Media for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inks: Neschen SolvoPrint and PrintLux; InDisplay by Neschen films, paper, and banner; conVerd by Neschen, 100% recyclable banner, print board and photo paper. PrintLux Nolite 370 is a 15-mil matte polyester media with an integrated light-blocking layer for 100% opacity, featuring stiff construction and non-curling edges.

Next Wave Media Solutions
Aqueous media lines include BanJet, PermaJet, PosterJet, TransJet, and DuraJet; also paper, canvas, and polypropylene for solvent inkjets.

Normandy Coating
Film and paper for wide-format.

NuSign Supply
Nu-Flex banner, backlit, perforated vinyl, mesh, and more for wide-format.

Océ North America
Océ Pro-Select, Display Graphics Inkjet, Options, and Solvent Inkjet Media banner, paper, and films for aqueous and solvent printers.

Oracal USA
Orajet vinyl, film, perforated window media, and more for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers, including: Orajet Series 3571RA wrapping cast film (2.25 mil), Orajet 3105HT PVC Film, and OraJet 3675 Perforated Window Film; Carbon Fiber cast media. The 3571RA series features a low initial-tack, repositionable adhesive, and an air-release system for conformability onto difficult curves; recommended for use with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and Latex inks.

Parrot Digigraphic
Parrot film, vinyl, and paper.

Photo Tex
Photo Tex and Photo Tex(S) self-adhesive, peel-and-stick polyester fabric for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.

PlaLight America
PlaLight-Ad printable reflective material for solvent and water-based inks.

ProCling Green, TerraSkin, EcoMedia, SuperCling, EarthCling, PlastiCling, PlastiPrint, PVC-Free Cling, PlastiView, more.

Vinyls and papers for water-based inks; vinyls for solvent/eco-solvent.

PPG Industries
Teslin IJ and IJWP waterproof film for inkjet.

Premier Imaging
Premier Display film, paper, and vinyl for aqueous; polypropylene for solvent.

Quality Media & Laminating
A variety of vinyl, banner, and film for solvent, UV, latex, and aqueous printers.

Qué Media
Magnate eco-solvent media; Majestic, Monarch, and Motif media for aqueous.

R Tape
VinylEfx self-adhesive metallized vinyl for solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable printers; Claritex polycarbonate film for UV and latex printers.

Vinyl, film, and paper for wide-format.

Read & Co.
Read banner vinyl, cling, and films for water-based, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.

Rite-Media paper, vinyl, backlit, banner, and reflective media.

RI-Print, Eco RI-Print, RI-Trans, and RI-Wrap vinyl and films in many finishes.

Roland DGA
Banner, paper, vinyl, reflective vinyl, and film for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent printers; Eco-Sol Max-compatible media.

SID Signs
OneSign vinyl and banner.

Quick-Sign gold vinyl film for latex and solvent.

Sihl Digital Imaging
Mirano rollup film, ClearStick, PolySol Pop-up, QuickStick, Instant Dry, more for aqueous, latex, UV-curable, and solvent inkjet media, as well as a line of green media. Its 3143 ColorMax 180 matte is a bright white, super-absorbent and instant-dry paper for use with aqueous inks; water- and scratch-resistant.

Snyder Manufacturing
Films, mesh, banner media.

Sonoma Graphic Products
Banner, films, self-adhesive vinyl, and papers for aqueous, solvent, UV, and latex printers.

Stafford Textiles
Grandform Backlit, Frontlit, Mesh, Cloth, and Banner for large-format solvent.

TechNova Digital Print Media
NovaJet papers and films for aqueous inks; NovaSign self-adhesive vinyls for solvent and eco-solvent.

DuraView vinyl and polyester for solvent; JetView for UV; more.

Wide-format inkjet lines include 3M Banner, 3M Wall Decorating Film, Controltac, Scotchcal, Scotchprint, and Scotchlite banner, self-adhesive, film, reflective, perforated media, and more. It recently added five new colors to its line of Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080, including Matte Pink, Matte Orange, Matte Blue Metallic, Gloss Red Metallic, and Satin Black.

Top Value Fabrics
Its product mix includes Frontlit Banner, Blockout banner, Mesh Banner, Polypropylene Banner, specialty premium textiles, and more.

Transalloy (including biodegrable), MXM and Teslin synthetic paper, and Transvy vinyl, Trans-Block, Azuna 3D, as well static-Clingz cling, and polyester; more.

Brite Awn polyester, Canopy, Bantex, more.

Ultraflex Systems
Media lines for solvent, UV-curable, and latex printing including Pole Banner Pro, BioFlex, SuperPrint, SuperSmooth, Vulite, Jetflex, Normandy, Ultrabanner, UltraBlockout, UltraMesh, Ultima Supreme, Ultralon, Ultravision, and Ultramesh. Its Pole Banner Pro 18-oz blockout banner is designed for two-sided applications such as pole banners, aisle and event signage, and hanging banner; bBoth sides feature a matte finish and are compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, latex, and UV inks as well as screenprinting processes.

Universal Products
Solutions vinyl, banner, and film for solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable printers.

US Banner Corp.
Crown Coral and Pearl vinyl for solvent inks.

Utopia Digital Technologies
Its digital print platforms are sold by OEMs, dealers, and distributors including Effex for aqueous, KromaPlex for solvent, KromaPlex for UV, Extreva for HP Indigo, and more.

Topaz banner and paper for aqueous and mild-solvent printers.

Value Vinyls
FreedomMedia (matte, gloss, opaque, more) compatible with solvents; Opaque Ultra-Smooth PET; Ad-Flex; EcoLogic UV and Solvent recyclable banner; GrandFlex mesh; Rio mesh.
Rio Max FR Frontlit is a coated 16-oz material designed to hold up against vigorous winds, and be tolerant to cold weather and extremely resistant to tearing and fraying. It features a smooth matte texture on the face and is NFPA-701 Fire Retardant certified for indoor use.

Xcel Products
Offers various media including PVC, PE, PET, and other films. Xcel has partnered with YoBo to produce EcoMedia Blockout non-PVC banner material for UV printers. TerraSkin XP is a pulp-free paper comprising 80% stone (calcium carbonate) and a 20% PE (polyethylene) non-toxic resin.

Worthen Industries
Perception wide-format media including canvas and fabric for aqueous, eco-solvent, solvent, UV, and latex.


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