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Curio 4 from Zengobi

Brainstorming and project-management application has new project-management features.

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Zengobi has released Curio 4, upgrading its brainstorming and project-management application. The software, designed for brainstorming and concept correlation, now features:

*Mind-mapping integration: Allows users to place text, images, movies, Web links, and document assets to 'mind maps,' making connections between words and ideas, and visualizing how seemingly disparate concepts are interrelated.

*A Snippets and Print-to-Curio capability for gathering outside information.

*New project-management features, including start and due dates; assigning resources; project durations and priorities; and the ability to track the completion percentage.

Other upgrades include enhanced searching through the Advanced Search Shelf and Flashlight file, improved inter-application capabilities, and a new customizable interface.

The Professional edition adds a Presentation mode, Dossier and Pro Dossier templates, instant template documents, AppleScript figure actions, and more.

Price: $99, Home edition; $149, Professional edition. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.


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