Customize Interiors with Digital Drapes

Flash Photobition offers them in a range of fabrics

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Designers and architects can customize the look of lobbies, conference rooms, auditoriums, and other public spaces with Digital Drapes from Flash Photobition in Australia. The drapes, output on a superwide Vutek UltraVu printer, are available in a choice of materials--ranging from light, translucent materials to heavy, opaque fabrics.

Shown here are examples from a Hoyts Cinema lobby in Australia and the Flash Photobition Booth at the Comfia Designex 2003 show where Flash Photobition received an award for innovative design.

To complete the unique of a space, Flash Photobition offers other customizable interior-design products including Digital Wallpaper, Digital Canvases, Photomesh, PhotoGlass, and LightWalls. (Flash Photobition:

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