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Cutting Capability

More than 50 companies that produce cutters, cutting systems, and routers.

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To help you bring cutting and routing capabilities in-house, we’ve put together the following sourcelist of more than 50 companies that produce cutters, cutting systems, and routers for your perusal. We’ve highlighted a sampling of offerings from each company (visit the company’s website for a comprehensive list of products). Note that we’ve not included printer-cutters here.

Advanced Greig Laminators (www.aglinc.com): The AGL Auto Trim 3 is an inline automatic web trimmer and sheeter. Capabilities include flush-edge, sealed-edge, and bleed-edge trimming; it also features a program to trim step-and-repeat sheets. In 27-, 38-, 50-, and 63-in. cutting widths.

Akiles Products (www.akiles.com): Its Roll@Blade 64 is a 64-in. rotary trimmer featuring a self-sharpening tungsten rotary blade, an extra-rigid steel guide bar, a transparent clamping bar, extra-wide working table, and more. Trimming capacity is 2-mm thick.

Allen Datagraph Systems (www.allendatagraph.com): Several cutters including: the i-Tech line (in 24- to 60-in. sizes), which allow for cutting directly from CorelDraw, Illustrator, AutoCAD, and other programs; the Model 230 Vinyl Cutter, a 30-in. friction-feed system; and the 15-in. Model 315 Sprocket-Trak.

Alpha Systems (www.cadmachinery.com): Alpha Systems’ DXB series of routers are for cutting and engraving plastic, acrylic, and other materials; in sizes from 14 x 14 x 2-in. to 47 x 95 x 4 in. Its series of cutting plotters includes the GL Cutting Plotter, in sizes from 79 x 126 in. to 165 x 204 in.

Anderson America (www.andersonamerica.com): Offers eight series of CNC routers, including the AKut Cutting System. The AKut industrial system features Esko’s i-cut vision system, a water-cooled router spindle, a fixed table gantry with six vacuum zones, and three different types of knives. Table size is 4.2 x 8 ft.

AXYZ International (www.axyz.com): Its line of CNC Knife Systems can process a wide range of materials including foam boards, corrugated cardboard, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and fabrics. Each system can be equipped with several different styles of knife-head options; also offers CNC router and CNC laser/plasma systems.

Coherent Inc. (www.coherent.com): Offers laser machining centers including the OmniBeam for cutting a wide range of materials (non-metals up to 25mm and metals up to 2mm); and MetaBeam, for metal cutting.

Colex (www.colex.com): The Colex Flatbed Cutter is available in two sizes: 4 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft. Features include a working surface with high-flow air-grid pattern, Panasonic servo motors, a triple tool head, more. Colex is the exclusive North American distributor of Fotoba cutters (see Fotoba listing).

Computerized Cutters (www.computerizedcutters.com): Accu-Cut X-series routers can cut steel, aluminum, plastics, wood, and more, and deliver accuracy within +/- .001-in.

CR Onsrud (www.cronsrud.com): Its line of CNC routers includes the Tech series (145 x 61 in) and Panel Pro series (from 5 x 12-ft to 10 x 39 ft), comprising moving-gantry-type machines; and fixed-table routers and inverted routers.

D&K (www.dkgroup.com): The Accu II High Speed is an automatic guillotine cutter featuring a maximum web width of 32 in., a maximum material thickness of 40 mils, and a flush cutting accuracy of +/- .005 in.

Dahle North America (www.dahle.com): Dahle’s Large Format Guillotine cutters are available in 30-, 36- and 42-in. cutting lengths. Cut lengths for its Premium Guillotine cutters range from 14.5 to 27.5 in. Also offers various rolling trimmers.

Eastsign International (www.eastsign.com): Its series of trimmers and vinyl cutters, in varying widths, are suitable for vinyl, paper, and banners (media less than 2mm thick).

Esko (www.esko.com): The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated is a digital system for short-run digitally printed materials. The i-XE10 can accept material as large as 35 x 47 in. and auto-loads flexible materials up to 24 x 28.5 in. and 0.25-in. thick; and picks up cut-outs or entire sheets from the cutter conveyor and stacks on the lift table; 16 suction-cut positions allows for any sheet size up to 26 x 31 in. (up to eight stacks); waste is automatically discarded. Other Kongsberg cutting tables include the XL/i-XL and the XP/i-XP/XP Auto models (in three work-area sizes: 66 x 56, 66 x 126, and 87 x 126 in.).

Fletcher-Terry Company (www.fletcher-terry.com): The FSC Substrate Cutter offers a 65-in. cutting capacity, and can be wall-mounted or used as a freestanding unit. The Fletcher 3000 is a wall-mounted machine that can cut light board and acrylic (and score glass) up to ¼-in. thick; offers 48- and 60-in. cutting capacity. The Fletcher 3100 can cut hard board (MDF) up to 3/32-in. and has a 63-in. cutting capacity.

Flexicam (www.flexicam.us): Offers a range of CNC routers, including the S2, available in seven models and sizes from 50 x 100 to 80 x 161 in.

Foster Manufacturing (www.fostermfg.com): The Evolution, a wide-format manual cutter for sign and digital graphics, can cut materials up to ½-in. thick; available in cut sizes from 64 to 144 in. with an optional textile cutting tool. Foster also offers multi-substrate cutters, sheet material cutters, and more. Exclusive distributor for Keencut in North and South America.

Fotoba International (www.fotoba.com): Offers a variety of digital print cutters, including the XXL 500 X/Y superwide automatic cutter, which has a cut width of 210 in.; it can accommodate materials up to 0.8mm thick.

Freedom Machine Tool (www.freedomcnc.com): Its Patriot three-axis CNC router is available in three sizes (4 x 2, 4 x 4, and 4 x 8 ft) and all feature: moving gantry design; welded steel tube, and a z-axis tool plate.

GBC (www.gbcconnect.com): The ProCut 40 and ProCut 63 are manual cutters that can handle materials up to 0.5-in. thick and 40- and 63-in. long. GBC also offers a series of Triumph-branded automatic and semi-automatic programmable cutters (up to 18-7/8-in.), programmable automatic cutters (up to 25.5 in.), and programmable hydraulic cutters (up to 28-in.).

GCC America (www.gccworld.com): Offers various cutting plotters, including the Expert Pro, with 23- and 51-in. cutting widths (up to 0.8mm thick).Other cutting plotters include: the Expert 24LX, the Expert 24, and the Jaguar, Puma, Bengal, and Sable models.

Gerber Scientific Products (www.gspinc.com): The Sabre router is designed for dimensional sign making, woodworking, and parts-fabrication applications; in two sizes – 54 x 54- and 54 x 101-in. cutting areas. The company’s M Series flatbed cutter is available in 66 x 46- and 75 x 120-in. cutting areas.

Graphics One (www.graphicsone.com): The GO CutsIt Rotary Trimmer can be used with various media and is available in sizes from 18 to 78 in. Features a self-sharpening blade.

Graphtec America (www.graphtecamerica.com) : Its FC8000 series cutting plotter is available in five sizes, from 30- to 72-in. (media widths). Also available: the CE5000 roll cutter series, FC2250 series flatbed cutters, more

Image Edge Cutting Systems (www.imageedge.com): The Image Edge substrate-cutting system can cut up to 10 ft in length. The cutting mechanism is pressure-activated and automatically retracts when not in use. Capable of handling various substrates including vinyl, magnetic media, PVC, Coroplast, more.

Image1Impact (www.image1impact.com): Sooper Sign Saws are vertical cutting saws, in 50- to 74-in.-cut versions. All saws come with hold down bar, quick stop gauge, backer board, blade knife kit, and more.

Ioline (www.ioline.com): The SmarTrac I/S is a wide-format sign cutter designed to handle various rollfed materials and jobs ranging from vinyl signs to pouncing and sandblast mask. In three cut widths: 28, 34, and 44. Also available: the rollfed 100 System for graphics and sports lettering.

Keencut (www.keencut.com): The SteelTrak is a tabletop or floor-standing cutter capable of cutting rigid and semi-rigid materials; can also cut glass and aluminum (optional); in 65- and 84-in. cut lengths. Also offers a range of cutter bars and its Arc Rotary Cutter. Foster Manufacturing is the exclusive distributor in North and South America.

Ledco (www.ledcoinc.com): Ledco’s Automatic Cutter is designed for use with its Thoroughbred Laminator, but it will adapt to other similar equipment, says Ledco. Cuts up to 30-in. wide with a maximum cutting thickness of up to 50 mils.

Mimaki USA (www.mimakiusa.com): Mimaki’s CF3 series of flatbed cutting plotters are available with a choice of user-changeable cutting heads, including M head (router), R1 head (reciprocal cutter), and TF2 head (tangential cutter). In 122 x 63- and 39.3 x 63-in. cut-area sizes; FineCut 7 software included, as is Mimaki Plotter Manager. Also available: its CF2 series of flatbed cutting plotters, and four different series of roll/sheet cutting plotters including the CG-SRII series, the CG-60SR, the FXII series (three sizes), and the CG-60SL.

MultiCam (www.multicam.com): A full line of CNC cutting systems, including routers, knife systems, plasma and laser cutters, and more. Its Digital Express high-speed digital registration, routing, and knife cutting system comes in a range of table sizes, from 60 x 60 to 80 x 120 in.

Mutoh (www.mutoh.com): Mutoh’s Kona Cutters are available in three sizes: 30, 54, and 65 in. All three sizes feature: laser-based optical sensors for automatic job recognition and accurate alignment; a dual-roll support system; and an automatic sheet-off mechanism incorporating a rotatable blade with four cutting sides; maximum media thickness is 1 mm. Also available: the Mutoh SC-Pro 1650, a 64-in. cutter plotter.

Neolt USA (www.neoltusa.com): The Electro Foam Trim Plus is an electric foam trimmer available in vertical and horizontal configurations, for heavyweight rigid media. Will cut various substrates including rigid foam board up to 1.18 in.- or Sintra up to 0.5 in.-thick. Also available: the Trim (for lightweight flexible materials), Power Trim Plus (medium-weight flexible), Strong Trim Pro (heavyweight flexible), Super Trim (extra heavyweight flexible), and Manual Foam Trim (lightweight rigid) trimmers.

Océ North America (www.oceusa.com): Océ’s ProCut Digital Cutting Tables are suitable for roll media, sheets, or rigid substrates up to 1.97-in. thick, and can be utilized on output from any manufacturer’s printer. The tables are paired with ProCut Software. Table sizes range from 51 x 63-in. to 128 x 124-in.
Orca Photonic Systems (laser-cutting.com): X-Y laser systems and laser pattern cutter systems. Its X-Y systems are available in shuttle-feed, conveyor-feed, and flatbed configurations. Systems can be equipped with laser powers ranging from 25 to 400 watts.

Roland DGA (www.rolanddga.com): The Camm-1 Pro GX-640 cutter is designed for vehicle graphics, window tints, signage, stencils, and more. It can accommodate media up to 72-in. wide (65-in. cut width). Also available is the GX-24 and the GX Pro (300/400/500) series of cutters. Roland also has a line of VersaCut print trimmers: the VersaCut manual trimmer available in 44-, 68-, and 100-in. widths and is designed for flexible and rigid substrates; and the VersaCut CR crank-assisted trimmers, in 48- and 72-in. sizes, which can cut rigid substrates up to 1/2-in. thick.

Rosenthal Manufacturing (www.rosenthalmfg.com): Offers a trio of graphics trimmers – including the Smartrim, the Smartrim TriVision Trimmer, and the TriVision Slitter – as well as a range of sheeters.

Safety Speed Manufacturing (www.safetyspeedcut.com): Manufactures vertical panel saws, table saws, and panel routers. Its 3400 Vertical Panel Router has a maximum cross cut is 62 in.; maximum cut thickness is 1.75 in.

Saw Trax Manufacturing (www.sawtrax.com): Its range of panel saws includes the Sign Makers Panel Saw and Mat Cutter Combo Machine, which cuts a variety of materials up to 1.75-in. thick in all directions with saw or knife. Available in 52-, 64-, 76-, 88-, and 100-in. cross cuts.

ShopBot Tools (www.shopbottools.com): ShopBot’s PRSalpha gantry-based CNC routers are intended for wood, plastics, aluminum, and other materials, in sizes from 48 x 48-in. to 144 x 60-in. (nominal cutting area). A line of entry-level PRSstandard CNC routers also available.

Signwarehouse (www.signwarehouse.com): The EnduraCut is a 24-in. desktop vinyl sign cutter for short-run graphics. Also offers the Vinyl Express Q Series of vinyl sign cutters in 24- to 60-in. models; 50-in./sec top speed.

SpeedPress Sign Supply (www.speedpress.com): Its Rotary Multi Cutter (36-in. cut) can be used to cut and trim vinyl, digital prints, cardboard, paper, and fabrics.

Summa USA (www.summausa.com): Its F series flatbed cutter can cut sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock. It features Summa’s CameraControl recognition software and can handle media up to 63-in. wide. Summa’s OPOS-CAM is used to contour cut graphics; available in 54- and 64-in. versions. Also available: Summa S Class T and S Class D series and the SummaCut series vinyl and contour cutters.

Teckwin (www.teckwin.com): The Teckut CNC router is available in two sizes: as the Teckut 1525, with an active cutting area of 98 x 61 in., and as the Teckut 2030, with a cutting area of 122 x 81 in.

Thermwood (www.thermwood.com): Its SignRouter series of CNC routers is specifically designed for signage and P-O-P graphics. The SignRouter 43 features a 61 x 121-in. fixed table; it can machine flat and three-dimensional signage. Also available: the SignRouter 45, with table sizes from 5 x 10-ft to 7 x 12 ft.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems (www.visionengravers.com): Available are the 2525 (25 x 25-in. table) and the 2550 (25 x 50-in. table) CNC Routers. Both can accommodate 2 x 4-ft sheets of material, including wood, metals, plastic, acrylic, Sintra, sign foam, more.

Vytek Laser System (www.vy-tek.com): Its laser cutters are available in various models. The G/X Laser Cutting and Engraving series utilizes sealed CO2 laser technology and comes in three sizes (working area): 50 x 50, 50 x 100, and 64 x 125 in.; accommodates materials up to 3-in. thick.

Zünd America (www.zund.com): The Zünd G3 and S3 Digital Cutters are available in sizes from 52 x 63 to 126 x 125 in., and can cut materials up to 2-in. thick. The Universal Module accommodates tools ranging from a universal cutter, pneumatic oscillating cutter, and kiss-cut tool to a creasing tool for corrugated cardboard and a driven rotary tile for fibrous materials.

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