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Cyan Software Updates eProof

Users can proofread and correct in real time

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Version 4.0 of Cyan Software's eProof is a document collaboration and remote-proofing solution that allows users to proofread and correct in real time original high-resolution production files in a standard Web browser. Clients are able to edit the original text in PDF, PostScript, InDesign, Illustrator, or Word documents, and can simultaneously annotate the same document, seeing the changes and comments others on a creative team make.

EProof uses RapidImageView Streaming Technology for users to view gigabytes of high-resolution files in seconds over a modem connection. Mac- and PC-compatible, the software uses an advanced densitometer tool for exact color measuring. EProof has tools for setting permissions, notifying users, locking files, and signing off jobs for prints. Users do not have to buy or install any software on their computer in order to use the software. (Cyan Software: www.cyansoftware.com)

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