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Datalogics Releases DL Formatter 2.0 Variable-Data Composition System

Includes free design/proofing tool

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Datalogics announces the launch of DL Formatter 2.0, an advanced but easy-to-use variable-data application that allows for the creation of one-on-one, personalized communications, which are printable on any digital press. Using its own composition engine, DL Formatter allows users to layout personalized graphic pieces (brochures, reports, etc.), merge variable content with the template, and then save the data in various formats.

Formatter 2.0 features a seamless transmission of fonts from a design station to the server - in other words, a template designed on a Mac can be composed on a Windows computer. Other features include dynamic page insertion for variable-length documents and support for templates. It also supports InDesign CS and Mac OS 10.3, and has enhanced its output support of HP SNAP PPML, ANSI VDX, and EFI PPML.

In addition, Datalogics is offering free DL-10, a design and proofing tool for the creation and proofing of variable templates with the DL-100 interactive tool or DL-1000 server-based application. (Datalogics: www.datalogics.com)

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