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Design2Launch Adds RealTimeProof Online Proofing to Speed Product Launches

To help design new packaging and bring it to market fast

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Design2Launch (D2L) offers software to help consumer-packaged goods companies streamline their product launches. D2L incorporated RealTimeImage's RealTimeProof as part of the D2L system.

D2L's software enables early-stage product design concepts to be viewed as final, "virtual products." Its system is geared for both designers and non-technical users--utilizing an intuitive, Windows-based environment that simplifies 3D design, review, mark-up, and collaboration. RealTimeImage's image-streaming technology speeds up the process--enabling gigabytes of high-res files to be viewed in seconds, even over dial-up connections. This reduces the costs and time required for conventional proofing.

"Designing new packaging and bringing it to market faster--even eliminating a few days in the design and approval process--can literally translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved," says Jim Carson, D2L vice president of product and operations. "RealTimeImage technology is helping our clients dramatically streamline product design and reduce time to market." (Design2Launch: 203-348-1173; www.design2launch.com; RealTimeImage: 650-616-4670; www.realtimeimage.com)

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