Designjet L26100 Printer from HP

Also: New HP FB225 Orange Scitex Ink, metallic-colors-effect application, and more.

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HP has introduced the Designjet L26100 printer, designed for small print service providers and modeled after the Designjet L26500. The 61-in. printer features: HP 792 Designjet Latex Inks; 1200-dpi resolution; a print speed up to 246 sq ft/hr; and a CMYKcm inkset. A 61-in. Take-Up Reel with front tensioning system is optional.

In addition, the company has unveiled the HP Scitex FB7600/FB7500 Enhanced Color Pack upgrade for the HP Scitex FB7600 press. Offering a 6-, 7-, or 8-color configuration, the first inks available for the color pack are the HP FB225 Orange and Light Black Scitex inks. HP FB225 Orange Scitex Ink provides a broader gamut for vivid colors with more realistic skin tones and improved spot matching for brand colors with increased analog-to-digital consistency, the company reports. HP FB225 Light Black Scitex Ink creates smoother gray solids and improves neutrality. This ink can be added to the printer’s six process colors.

HP also has announced a metallic-colors-effect application, supported by Color-Logic (, for the HP Scitex FB700 and FB500 printers. The Color-Logic software enables customers to produce metallic effects for retail and P-O-P applications, as well as package prototyping. The new application requires the Color-Logic Printers Design Suite, HP FB251 Scitex White Ink, and HP-approved media for metallic substrates.

HP has entered into a licensing agreement with Brand Management Group (BMG, Under the terms of this agreement, BMG will source, market, and distribute a limited portfolio of HP-branded media while HP continues developing advanced media coatings and treatments. The HP media products available from BMG are limited to those intended for sign and display applications, optimized for HP Latex Inks, and available on 3-in. cores.

Finally, the company has co-developed, in conjunction with Aurora Specialty Textiles Group ( and Cooley Group (, sign and display media solutions engineered with HP’s ColorPro Technology. Aurora Specialty Textiles and Cooley will develop, manufacture, and distribute textile substrates for use with HP Latex Inks and non-PVC banner solutions for use with HP Latex and UV ink solutions, respectively. Expected availability is late summer 2013.


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