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DesignMerge VDP XTension for QuarkXPress 6.5

Enables creation of variable-data output from most QuarkXPress documents.

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Meadows Publishing Solutions has released DesignMerge Macintosh & Windows for QuarkXPress 6.5. A suite of software modules that enables users to create variable-data output from most QuarkXPress documents, DesignMerge allows page designers to quickly transfer skills back and forth between the two major platforms.

DesignMerge production-oriented features include: CopyFit, which automatically fits any copy that flows beyond the bounding text box--automatically adjusting for point size, leading, tracking, and more; GroupPicture, which allows embedding of variable QuarkXPress documents within a QuarkXPress document, allowing further document customization (coupons, for example, could be made "variable" and dropped into a layout); and DesignMerge Rules Module, which offers conditional-processing features allowing the user to perform specific actions based upon the contents of one or more database fields.

The DesignMerge VDP XTension supports all leading variable-information formats, including Optimized PostScript, FreeForm, PPMML, Xerox VIPP, and Creo VPS. MSRP: $3495, base price. (Meadows Publishing Solutions: www.meadowsps.com)

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