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Dialux SIGS for Glass "Printing"

Clear film accepts solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-printing methods.

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Glass surfaces are everywhere, but it's often not practical to remove the glass and image onto it. German-based Regulus has solved that problem with its new Dialux SIGS clear film. Printable with solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable inkjet printers, this glossy 75-micron self-adhesive PET film with an optically clear, scratch- and water-resistant coating can be wet-mounted onto glass. The result of this clear-on-clear installation is an image that looks like it was printed on the glass, reports the company.

Dialux can be installed inside or outside and can be removed without residue. It offers a 4-yr durability indoors and 6-mo durability for outdoor applications, depending on the inks used. Suggested applications include retail windows, backlits, displays, tradeshow exhibitions, signboards, and even advertising on a vehicle's heated rear window.

Available in 24-, 42-, and 54-in. rolls. Regulus is represented in the US by Que Media (www.que-media.com).


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