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Diatec Group Acquires Star Coating

“A step forward in a long-term strategy to grow beyond digital imaging…”

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Diatec Group – which comprises Sihl and Arkwright, among others – has acquired Star Coating AG in Switzerland. Star Coating will be re-incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sihl AG, also located in Switzerland.

A substantial portion of Star Coating’s business is for light-sensitive films used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. This acquisition gives Diatec entry into those films for the electronics industry and enhances Diatec’s European industrial base.

“This is a step forward in a long-term strategy to grow beyond digital imaging,” a Diatec press release states, “into new fields for which coating flexible materials is the primary business, and which fit Diatec’s mission to become ‘the coating company’.”

In addition to light-sensitive films, Star Coating also produces films for inkjet digital imaging and films for laser and photocopiers; it also offers contract coating services.

Diatec Group, headquartered in Cles, Italy, is organized in three core business units: Digital Imaging; Registration and Identification; and Textile and Apparel Fabrication. The group employs more than 840 people in 22 companies around the world.



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