Dice Wi-Pics for Wireless Image Transfer

Pro photography workflow unit has 32 MG internal memory

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Encad has also responded to marketplace demands to use lower-cost printers to image to lower-cost materials. To enable smaller shop owners to use uncoated vinyls on an under-$13,000 Encad printer, Encad engineers worked with chemists from DuPont and vinyl experts at Avery to develop the VinylJet? printer and infrared-curable aqueous inks (AquaVinyl? inks). As with the latest formulations of mild-solventinks, a heating system onboard the printer helps the ink adhere to the media and dries the printed graphics. However, because the Encad NovaJet is a thermal inkjet printer and uses heat to eject lower-viscosity ink droplets, the VinylJet requires a more robust onboard heater--in this case an infrared heater. Consequently, the VinylJet can't image to paper and it requires a 220-V power supply.

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