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Digistar Digital Sublimation Inks From Manoukian Argon

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A division of Lechler S.p.A. in Italy, Manoukian Argon has developed a family of sublimation products, which includes Digistar PES HD sublimation ink for aqueous- based printers using piezoelectric printheads. This ink is suitable for large-format printers such as the Epson Stylus Pro, Mutoh, Mimaki JV2 and JV4, Agfa Grand Sherpa, and Roland Hi-Fi JET.

Digistar supports sublimation onto 100% synthetic fabrics (such as Lycra, polyester, nylon) and selected mixedsynthetic blends. These dye-sub inks are available in 15 colors to accommodate 4- color, 6-color, and spot-color applications (including fluorescent colors). Digistar is packaged in 200-ml cartridges or 1-liter plastic bottles, allowing its use with any third-party bulk-feed system. Distributed in the US by TW Graphics. (TW Graphics: www.twgraphics.com)

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