Display Systems: Your Perfect Match

Eleven displays to get your client noticed.

Consider this a speed date: You have just a few minutes to check out the visual, garner the most important details, and decide what you’d like to bring home with you.

In reality, of course, you have more time to make a decision for your shop and your client. But the idea of taking these display systems on a mini-date (and checking out their website beforehand) isn’t a bad option.

Offering displays systems creates a total package for your client. But in order to make that total package perfect, the display has to be compatible with the graphics. It’s your job to provide your client with the perfect match.

Here, we provide you with just some of the latest and more innovative display options in the marketplace, from tents and banners to mannequins and data-tracking webcams. We give you the basics and the company contacts, but it’s your job to do the second- or third-date leg work to find the display or display system that will be just right for you and your client. Of course, there are plenty of other display options out there, as well, but these should provide you with a starting point.

Under the Dome
With its intriguing shape and impressive size, Impact Canopies’ Impact Expodome can help your client achieve maximum visibility at a fair, tradeshow, or other event.

The Expodome frame itself is made of anodized aluminum and is matched with a 100%-polyester, 500-denier fabric with PU coating; the fabric is fire-retardant certified and water repellent. Available in 15-, 20-, and 30-ft diameters, the Expodome is supplied in heights from 11.5 to nearly 19 ft.

Optional add-ons are a standard or panorama sidewall, sidewall with door or curtain, inside or outside banner, arch/visor frame and spreader, visor extension, flags, and more. Available Expodome colors include: white, sand, yellow, orange, light red, red, green, dark green, blue, cool grey, silver, and black. Custom printing is available with corporate logos, graphics, etc.


The Hopup Gets Hip
Designed for maximum impact and fast setup, Orbus’s improved Hopup large-format, tension fabric display now features a lighter-weight, heavy-duty silver frame in both curved and straight formats with a smaller footprint.

The Hopup supports an integrated, full-fitted fabric that can be locally produced; lighting can also be attached, utilizing Velcro, to the back fabric panel. (While graphic sizes have changed slightly due to the new frame sizes, old graphics are compatible with the Hopup unit, the company reports).
The Hopup is available in 5-, 7.5-, and 10-ft sizes. All curved and straight Hopups can be had with or without end caps.


Take a Seat
In the summer, clients are just as likely to have outdoor promotional events as inside ones. What better way to help them get their message across than with chairs designed to take advantage of the sunny outdoors?

The new Wood Chairs product line from Tex Visions also has a sustainable hook to hang your hat on: Each chair is constructed of natural beech wood and is Forest Stewardship Council-certified, ensuring that the wood comes from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economical benefits.

Three different models of chairs are available:
* The Deck Chair is available with arms or without arms, and features a custom-printed backrest, fastened with hook-and-loop fastener that can be adjusted for comfort. Print size is 1.4 ft wide.
* The Director Chair has a custom-printed backrest and seat. Seat print size is 1.8 ft wide and back print size is 1.6 ft wide.
* The Beach Chair has a custom printed backrest and a print width of 1.9 ft.
All of the chairs are collapsible and weigh less than 10 lbs each.


Faux Model Behavior
Human sign holders or spinners? That’s so last decade. Why should clients be burdened with all the pitfalls of human help when you can supply them with an alternative that doesn’t need a lunch break or even a salary?

Velocity Signs’ sign-waving machines and mannequins are designed for 24/7 operation, replacing the human component. Battery-operated and portable, the double-sided sign-waving technology comprises a Velocity Signs Machine, a mannequin (male or female version), mannequin wig and clothes, customized motor, rechargeable battery, charger with battery-life indicator, and more. The machine runs 60-plus hours on a charge, even in extreme weather conditions, the company reports, and recharges in 8 hours. The unit can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. A premium model features 100 hours of battery life, figure-8 sign movement, and more. Velocity reports that future models will also include a photoelectric sensor and a GPS chip that can be tracked through a Web-based software and/or mobile application.

Signage (attached with Velcro strips) is not included with the machine. Velocity recommends 2 x 4-ft arrow signs output onto 6mm Coroplast for its Standard Model, and 2 x 6-ft arrow signs on 6mm Coroplast for the Premium Machine. Max. sign size is 12 sq. ft.


Anything But Tentative
Want to make your client’s event tent even more memorable? The Marquee Banner Display, the new imprinted tent accessory in Creative Banner Assemblies’ tent accessory line, can be used in conjunction with any of the company’s tent frames. The Banner Display attaches securely to the tent legs at the highest point, and can reach up to 13-ft high; the banner’s height is fully adjustable by simply sliding the clamp hardware up or down on the tent leg.

The display features a full-color, dye-sub knit polyester banner with black nylon pole pockets. The kit includes four poles and leg brackets for mounting as well as a soft carry case. The leg brackets can be used to attach Creative Banner’s Sail Signs to the tents and are compatible with all Creative Banner’s ShowStopper Event Tents.


Conquering the Great Outdoors
Using the wrong display in an outdoor setting on a blustery day can result in a marketing catastrophe. Promic Display Systems’ Outdoor Banner gives the client the option for single- or double-sided usage. The banner comes with an 18-liter water tank to provide a secure hold on windy days, an aluminum clip, and fiberglass banner holders. The banner and equipment are delivered in two separate bags. Available size for the Outdoor Banner is 3 x 6 ft. Also in the Promic Outdoor line is the Street Board, featuring a 24-liter water tank designed to be stable – even in wind force 6 on the Beaufort scale (25 to 30 mph), the company reports. Both display systems can be utilized indoors as well as out.


Au Naturel
Looking to provide a more natural, organic feel to a graphic display? Kendu’s Smartwood line is part of its Smartframe roster of image-display and replacement systems, designed for fast and easy changeout of visual displays without the need for specialized tools or workers. Smartwood finishes include oak, pine, chestnut, antique chestnut, iroko, wenge, and others. Available in sizes up to 6.5 x 6.5-ft with 1- to 2-in. sides, and in three shapes: square, oval, circular; the systems can be installed on walls or floors and hung from ceilings. An Allen key is the only tool needed for assembly, Kenu notes. The Smartframe line is also available in aluminum and white-lacquered finishes, and with LED technologies.


Determining Message Effectiveness
You can help your client prove the marketing message is working (or not) with the SmartSign Analytics (SSA) system from EFI. The system automatically captures and analyzes signage viewership and engagement data.

Shown as a technology demonstration by EFI’s Online Print Solutions (OPS) unit at this spring’s ISA Expo, SSA is designed to help retail marketers better measure and understand the effectiveness of their efforts. The SSA unit includes a webcam attached to a sign/graphic, which is connected to a computer running facial-recognition software and EFI’s SSA software for data organization, analytics, and reporting. The webcam/software combination detects the presence of people within viewing range and determines which of them are actually viewing the sign; eye-tracking tools on the system also allow it to calculate how much time is spent viewing the graphic.

The SSA technology provides more-detailed demographic information as well: Using proprietary facial-pattern algorithms, the SSA system assigns a gender and age range to each viewer (although the system does not record video, screen captures, or any personal information, EFI reports).


Opening the Door to Displays
Never underestimate the power of what’s hidden. As Monty Hall repeatedly demonstrated in the television show, “Let’s Make a Deal,” people love to see what’s behind a closed door.

The T-Door, just one of Comhan Holland’s many indoor tensioning systems, is a lightweight sliding-door frame system that accommodates graphics on textiles or on printed ACM/Dibond composite sheets. The T-Door is designed for exhibition stands; screening/separation in showrooms, warehouses, store rooms, and retail sites; partition walls or access doors; sliding doors for cabinets; and other interior applications.

The T-Door frame is made of durable, anodized aluminum and is available in blank or black colors (powder coated in colors upon request). Standard length of the T-Door is 20 ft, but it can be cut to preferred size. Printed textiles are secured in the T-Door door section with sewn-in silicon rubber (the company’s Eco-Keder technical textile reinforcement is also available); rigid media are placed in the door section and attached using double-sided VHB tape from 3M.


Relax and Promote
First you put the customer at ease, then you sell them on your product. The new Design Air collection from Above All Advertising is made for relaxation and comfort – but more importantly it’s intended as a business tool to showcase your client’s graphics and logos. The collection includes the company’s rocker, lounger, single sofa, double sofa, stool, hassock, and l-shape furniture; all of the furniture is inflatable via manual or electric pumps.

The Design Air furniture is made of a tough canvas-like outer shell and specialized proprietary materials, and can be covered with full digital dye-sublimation graphics, reports Above All. Sizes vary by furniture, ranging from 5 to 20 ft.


Easy Does It
In an age where many folks think bigger is better and more is merrier, it’s all too easy to forget that, sometimes, the less-obtrusive and simpler solution might be best.

Clip the Alpina Graphic Clips to the top and bottom of a graphic and, voilà, you have a quick and uncomplicated display ready for an elegant showcase of your client’s graphics – without the distraction of a heavy frame.
The Graphics Clips are available in silver or black and with end caps, in any length.


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