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D&K Makes Laminators for Multiple Requirements

Including in-house document finishing and short-run graphics

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The D&K Group, which is celebrating 25 years in the print-finishing business, has updated its line of laminating equipment.

System 2760: For organizations seeking to do short runs of one-sided lamination in-house, D&K offers the 27-in. System 2760. The system consists of a compact, easy-loading document feeder, a one-sided laminator, and an automatic sheet separator. The feeder can be loaded from the top, side or front. Swing-out mandrels provide easy film loading. Quick changeover embossing rollers are also an option.

The EXP 42 Professional: This heavy-duty, wide-format (42 in.) laminator can be used for all-in-one laminating and digital output. It offers variable speed and heated, turning rollers, a rewind for liners from pressure-sensitive films, and a stand. It can handle laminating films ranging from 1.5 mil films up to more rigid 10 mil films.

The Expression 44 Twin Wide-Format Laminator is a dual purpose, operator-friendly laminator designed for low-temperature laminating of delicate inkjet media. It can laminate, encapsulate, and mount on the top rollers and mount using the bottom two rollers--without rewebbing the machine. The 44 Twin features two sets of rollers-- dual heated rollers on the top and top-heated roller on the bottom. A foot control allows the operator to concentrate on guiding the material through the laminator. (D&K International: 800-632-2314; www.dkgroup.com)

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