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Dr. Graphix Debuts Stop & Go Rollrunner Display

Allows for display of images at programmed times

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Dr. Graphix has introduced the Stop & Go Rollrunner rotating display, which builds upon the company's standard Rollrunner system that uses vertical rotation to showcase multiple images within a single space. In addition to a built-in motor, the new Stop & Go unit also contains a sensor and timer, allowing users to display images at programmed times, in intervals of 6-, 10-, or 16-sec delays. The display now comes in a 60-in. width, as well as 36- and 50-in. versions.

The Stop & Go Rollrunner's four-layer design can display up to four full-sided images. Media length is limited only by available space, but Dr. Graphix recommends that media be limited to 10-oz or less. The company also recommends flexible media that will not become too easily damaged. Price on the Stop & Go Rollrunner: $295 to $485, Stop & Go unit only; $359 to $529, unit with display stand. Chrome-finish satellite lights are also available. (Dr. Graphix Imaging: www.rollrunner.net)

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