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Drytac Adds UV-Printable Substrates to Product Line

A range of polypropylenes and vinyls are included.

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Drytac has added a new line of substrates specially formulated for optimum print results on large UV inkjet printers. The new Drytac UV Printable product line contains a range of polypropylenes and vinyls suitable for P-O-P displays, tradeshow signage, wall graphics, or any signage where a rigid substrate is required.

Some of the products included in the line are:

* PolystyGreen, a 15-mil biodegradable polystyrene specially formulated for durability and high tear resistance; it can be guillotine-cut, die-cut, punched, folded, or scored; will biodegrade when disposed of in a natural environment (landfill or other microorganism-rich area);

* Gloss Rigid Vinyl, a two-sided 10-mil vinyl that is available in both clear and white; can be die-cut, welded, glued, folded, punched, or laminated; and

* Ultra-Removable Vinyl, a 6-mil white vinyl coated with pressure-sensitive, removable and repositionable adhesive; can be used on a variety of smooth flat substrates including glass, wood, and painted drywall.

The products are available in widths ranging from 52 inches up to 60 inches.


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