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Drytac's Earth-friendly Panda Stand

Comprised of plantation-grown bamboo.

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Drytac's new Panda Stand is an Earth-friendly display option designed to 'offer a natural choice consistent with 'green' manufacturing trends.' Primarily composed of bamboo, the Panda is available in two different formats and serves as a good portable display medium for trade shows, public events, retail outlets, lobbies, sports venues, and other display environments.

The Panda Stand Retractable is made from 90%-renewable resources and provides a precision-engineered retraction system, making it easy and quick to set up-the user simply unwinds the graphic stored in the bamboo base and inserts the support pole. The bannerstand rewinds back into the base for transportation. The Panda Stand measures 78.74 x 31.5 in. and weighs 11.5 lb; it comes with a padded cotton carrying bag.

The Panda L-Stand features a sturdy, L-shaped bamboo frame that supports the base and top graphic-rails via a simple tension system. Fabricated with 95% bamboo, the unit snaps together within a few minutes and breaks down quickly into a lightweight, compact, transportable unit. The Panda L-Stand measures 78.70 x 31.5 in. and weighs 6.8 lb; it comes with a cotton cloth carrying bag.

Both Panda Stand options, points out Drytac, are comprised of plantation-grown bamboo, and are not part of the Giant Panda's natural diet.


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