DSLR Cleaning Systems from Delkin Devices

Features 5x lens for sensor inspection.

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Delkin Devices has released two digital SLR cleaning systems: the DigitalDuster Kit and the SensorScope System.

The DigitalDuster Kit comprises the following: the SensorVac, a battery- or USB-powered portable vacuum that suctions off harmful particles and dust using an ultra-fine, non-abrasive, static-free brush; the SensorWand, used for wet and dry contact cleaning; and Sensor Solution, an alcohol-free chemical cleaning solution. Also included are a cleaning guide and carrying case.

The SensorScope System includes the DigitalDuster cleaning kit in addition to the SensorScope, a sensor inspection device that utilizes a 5x magnification lens and four ultra bright LED lights. Also included is a SensorScope carrying case. Specifically designed for Canon and Nikon DSLRs, the SensorScope can be used on other DSLRs as well.

Price: DigitalDuster Kit, $89.99; SensorScope System, $189.99; DigitalDuster Refill Kit, $49.99.


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