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DuPont Dives into Wide with Three New Printers

Two wide-format and one superwide-format

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DuPont Imaging Technologies has introduced its DCC line of wide-format inkjet printers. The new line includes: the DCC 22UV, a 2.2-m flatbed/roll-to-roll UV-curable printer that features 6-color inks plus white; the DCC 32S, a 6-color, 3.2-m solvent roll-toroll printer; and the DCC 25S, a 6-color 2.5-m solvent roll-to-roll (and thin board) printer. Contract-manufactured by Shenzhen Runtianzhi Image Technology in China, and based on that company's Flora line, the printers carry the DuPont nameplate.

The DCC 22UV is a combination flatbed and roll-to-roll printer that uses UV-curable inks to direct print onto various substrates. Featuring 6 colors (CMYKcm) plus white in 4-liter containers, the DCC 22UV has 14 Spectra Galaxy 256 printheads (two per color). The white channel is offset to allow for in-line color over white printing at production speeds, says DuPont. The 22UV offers three print-resolution/ productivity modes: Ultra Quality (800 x 600 dpi, 161 sq ft/hr), Quality (600 x 400 dpi, 323 sq ft/hr), and Ultra Speed (400 x 400, 484 sq ft/hr). Capable of handling materials up to 86 in. wide and 2 in. thick, the 22UV is designed for a variety of applications including graphics, short-run and prototype packaging, point of purchase, displays, signs, banners, and more. MSRP: $249,900.

A 145-in. wide, roll-to-roll printer designed for very high-volume applications at high speeds, the DCC 32S features a 6-color solvent inkset (CMYKcm) and an automated take-up roller (with integrated in-line dryer). It has 14 Spectra 256 printheads (2 per color) and its three print-resolution/ productivity modes include: Ultra Quality (720 x 360 dpi, 376 sq ft/hr), Quality (360 x 360 dpi, 644 sq ft/hr), and Ultra Speed (360 x 180 dpi, 1184 sq ft/hr). The DCC 32S can accommodate flexible media only. MSRP: $199,900.

The DCC 25S is a 98-in.-wide solvent roll-to- roll printer that can also handle thin boards up to 1.8 in. thick. Featuring 6 colors (CMYKcm) in 4-liter containers, and an automated take-up roller with an in-line dryer, it utilizes six Spectra piezo printheads. Print resolution/productivity modes: Ultra Quality (720 x 360, 160 sq ft/hr), Quality (360 x 360, 268 sq ft/hr), and Ultra Speed (360 x 180, 644 sq ft/hr). MSRP: $65,000.

Each printer in the DCC line comprises a system that includes the printer, computer, software, ink ("start up" set of 4liters/color), installation, training, and service and support. The DCC 22UV and DCC 32S printers include Scanvec Amiable PhotoPrint4 Server software; the DCC 25S includes Scanvec Amiable's PhotoPrint 4 DX software.

The printers made their US debut at SGIA in October 2004. As this piece was written, the line was going through external evaluation programs; DuPont estimates that the printers will be available by early 2005. (DuPont Imaging Technologies: www.digitalprinting.dupont.com)

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