DuPont Unveils Self-Calibrating Inkjet Proofer

Robotic calibration module avoids human error

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DuPont's Cromalin? b2 is the first drop-on-demand inkjet proofer that can automatically keep itself calibrated. A robotic calibration module on the inkjet's printhead includes a specially configured Gretag Eye-One spectrodensitometer that feeds data to the DuPont CromaNet proof server. As a proof is printed, the calibration module verifies that the printer is operating at a consistent and known level of performance so that the ink and media profiles used to create the proof will remain accurate. According to DuPont, this automated calibration eliminates some of the variables that can be caused by manual calibration, such as speed, pressure, and human error.

The Cromalin b2 package includes a dedicated Windows-based proof server, the b2 proof engine, the CromaNet RIP, and DuPont proofing inks and media. It also supports industry standards such as ICC PostScript 3 (with an Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter) and PDF-X. Tekgraf is distributing the Cromalin b2 system in the US. (;

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