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Durst Adds New UV Rollfed Printer

Also: Rhotex 322, a soft-signage printer, and Rho P10 160 UV flatbed.

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Durst introduced the Rho 512R UV rollfed printer, which has a max. print width of 16.4 ft and can handle a wide range of media (coated and uncoated). It uses Durst Quadro Array 12M printheads (12-pL drop size) and offers a top speed of 3767 sq ft/hr. CMYK is standard; light cyan and magenta, white, and process color addition inks (orange, violet) are optional. Max. resolution is 900 dpi.

Also new is the Rhotex 322, a soft-signage printer that utilizes Rhotex water-based, VOC-free dispersed dye inks to output onto a variety of textiles. Capable of printing up to 1057 sq ft/hr, and with a max. printing width of 10.5 ft, the machine features: a fold-compensation device, an antistatic system; automatic self-cleaning jet system; controllable hot-air drying; and more. A 4-color inkset is standard; CMYKcm and/or spot colors are optional; max. resolution is 1200 dpi.

The company bills its new Rho P10 160 UV flatbed, with a 62-in. print width, as an entry-level industrial flatbed. Despite its small footprint (it needs just 16 x 16 ft to operate), the new machine offers a top speed of 737 sq ft/hr. It has a standard 4-color inkset with optional light cyan and magenta, white, and process color addition inks (orange, violet). The P10 160 features Durst Quadro Array 10 printhead technology, mechanical front stops enabling parallel printing of boards side by side, roll-to-roll printing options, and more. Max. resolution is 1000 dpi; max. media thickness is 1.59 in. Note: The P10 160 is not available in the US.


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