Durst Introduces New Omega 1 Printer

Provides fine-art print quality at an industrial production level.

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Durst has introduced the Omega 1, an entry-level UV inkjet printer designed to provide fine-art printing quality at an industrial production level, says the company.

The Omega offers a top resolution of 1728 dpi, grayscale printing technology, and an advanced magnetic linear drive for precision transport of the printheads (for consistency and accuracy). Users can choose a 4-color (CMYK) version, a 6-color Plus version (CMYKcm), or a PCA version (CMYK, orange, violet); white and gray are options. Inks are supplied in 1-litre containers

The printer can accommodate roll media and rigid substrates up to 62-in. wide and 1.95-in. thick. It will print onto substrates such as 3A Compsites Kappa, Forex, and Dibond, as well as acrylic and wood, plus onto self adhesive foils, papers, PVC vinyls, PE foils, and textiles.

Top print speed is 376 sq ft/hr. A Caldera RIP Server (CopyRIP) is standard.

The Omega 1 is initially only being released overseas; no US release date has been set.


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